Hope in Sight 2020: World Sight Day 2020 Photo Competition

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World Sight Day 2020

Every year on the occasion of world sight day, a photo competition is organized by IAPB with different themes. The International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness (IAPB) is an alliance of civil society organizations, corporates, and professional bodies promoting eye health through advocacy, knowledge, and partnerships. IAPB is working across the globe.

On the occasion of the world sight day 2020, IAPB started the photo competition in July 2020. World Sight day 2020 theme was "Hope In Sight".

Like every year, there are two categories for the photo competition for submission i.e. Professional and Amateur. The professional category is considered to those photos which are taken by Professional Photographers with their Professional Cameras with the theme of Hope InSight. While Amateur category are those which are taken by anybody and it's valid as long as it represents eye care whatsoever. 

As COVID-19 Pandemic hit us this year, so two more new categories were made for this year. The category was COVID-19 Amateur and COVID19 Professional.

Like every year, this year also the submission of photos was made by a huge number of people living around the globe. The Submission website for the Photo Competition was "https://photocomp.iapb.org/".  A total of 12 people are chosen as winners and Runner-ups as a result of the competition. 2 winners i.e. of the Professional and Amateur category get 1000$ USD and a canon 3200D camera as a prize respectively. The rest of the winners are i.e. the runner-ups get a certificate of appreciation for being runner up. 

world sight day photo competition winner 2019

In World Sight Day 2019 photo competition, I ended up being a runner up of the amateur category. Above is the certificate that I received in 2019.

The photo competition is sponsored by Bayer and IAPB every year. Bayer is a global enterprise with core competencies in the Life Science fields of health care and agriculture.

Good Aspects of Running WSD photo competition:

  1. IAPB has a database of photos from all around the world from the people working in eye care. Those photos are Royalty-Free.
  2. Those photos so received from every corner of the world helps different INGOs and NGOs for reaching out to the places with a high prevalence of Blindness. Those photos could help to teach people in different countries about eye care.
  3. This photo competition helps people working in eye care to share their experiences with other eye care professionals working around the globe.
  4. These photos help to show the reality of the status of eye care and the prevalence of the blindness that only data and statistics cannot show.
  5. These photos help every eye care organization to reach to places where eye care is lacking.

Hope in Sight photo competition winners are below:

Professional Category Winner:

world sight day 2020 winner professional category
Professional Category Winner 2020
  • Photo submitted by Michael Schoenfeld
  • Photo Caption: 54-year-old female diabetic blind for 4 years with white cataracts now 20/20 ou
  • Country: Tanzania
  • Organization: Eye Corps

Amateur Category Winner:

Amateur Category Winner 2020
Photo submitted by Fauzia Aziz
Photo Caption: Getting his eye bandaged after surgery.
Country: Pakistan
Organization: Layton Rahmatulla Benevolent Trust (LRBT)

Runner up Professional Category 2020:

wsd2020 photo comp winners
world sight day photo competition winner
world sight day photo competiton winner
world sight day photo competition winner
world sight day photo competiton winner

Runner up Amateur Category 2020:

wsd photo competition runner up
prem dixit nepal redcross society world sight day photo competition winner
world sight day photo competition runner up amateur
world sight day photo competition 2020 runner ups
runner up of wsd photo competition 2020

COVID-19 Professional Category:

covid 19 world sight day photo competion winner 2020

COVID-19 Amateur Category:

Covid-19 photo for world sight day photo competition

Please visit the IAPB website to know about Details.

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