Movie Review: The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (2013)

Story of Walter Mitty

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Walter is a 42 years old unmarried man whose dad died when he was 17 years old. His Mother and Sister are the only family members he has. Walter has a condition where he daydreams of every situation. His sister Vanessa calls it getting "Zoned out". Walter works as a Negative Photo asset manager for a Magazine named "LIFE".  Walter Mitty had to work for the Papa Jones restaurant on the same day his father died. The Character of Walter as shown in the movie is decent, humble, and innocent. Walter has never been out of the city. Walter has no "Been there" and "Done that"  things in life. The Movie is all about getting zoned out and traveling. 

An interesting fact about the movie is that Everything Walter has is either blue or red. If it's related to his normal life, it's blue and if it is adventurous and new to him, it's shown as Red.

Start of the story

The Story starts when Walter is in his apartment checking his accounts in his diary. In the meantime, he is creating his social media account on an online dating website called "eHarmony". He cannot send a Wink(Friend Request) to a lady called Cheryl Merhoff from the work.  Cheryl joined the life magazine a few months ago, she has a son who likes to skateboard, and she is divorced. He leaves for the work and at the train station, he gets zoned out and sees saving dog of Cheryl from a building that's on fire. He calls eHarmony and tells, that he cannot seem to send a wink for the lady. Todd from eharmony tells him he will check his profile and tell him. 

Life Magazine is removing non-vital staffs as they are downsizing to online dot com thing. Photographer of Life i.e. Sean sends a wallet and 25 photographs to Walter at life magazine and considers number "25th" for the final cover issue of the magazine. Walter cannot find the photograph, so he plans to find Sean thinking Sean is in Greenland.

Greenland and Iceland Trip

air greenland in secret life of walter mitty movie

Walter takes a flight to Greenland and in Greenland, he rents a red car and leaves on a journey to find Sean. This was the first time Walter went outside the country. Sean and Walter are kind of good friends, but it had been 16 years since they met. He finds one of the photographs of a thumb in a bar in Greenland when he has a fight with a drunk guy at the bar. Walter recognizes the thumb and he asks for the whereabouts of Sean to the drunk guy who was also a helicopter pilot. He tells that Sean is on a fishing vessel in the sea. The drunk pilot asks Walter to come with him as he was going to ship to deliver a radio device. Walter refuses, and the pilot leaves. Walter gets zoned out and sees Cheryl playing major tom with a guitar. Walter then runs and gets in the helicopter. The pilot asks Walter to jump on a small boat with the radio component on the other side of the helicopter but he jumps on the opposite side of the ocean. He loses the radio and has a shark fight in the freezing water of Greenland. 

fishing vessel in secret life of walter mitty

The boat guys save him and take him to the ship. A sailor from the ship offers Walter a clementine cake that Sean had brought on the ship. Walter's mom actually made the cake and gave it to Sean but Walter is completely unaware of that. The sailor tells Walter that, Sean went to Iceland a few hours ago and tells him they will reach Iceland tomorrow get a new radio component as Walter drowned it. 

After reaching Iceland, Walter races with horny chilians for a bicycle. Walter on the way gets zoned out and sees Cheryl and falls into the ground. The bike is broken and he makes a run. After a while, he sees few kids on the other side of the street and trades their skateboard with Stretch Armstrong that was his birthday gift given by his sister on his 42nd birthday a few days back. He then skates his way to the volcano and sees Sean on the plane with a camera heading toward the volcano. Walter returns to America, and he gets fired for losing the photograph. Walter takes the skateboard to Cheryl's place where he gets zoned out again and thinks Cheryl is back with her ex-husband. He leaves the skateboard outside of the door, that he traded in Iceland, for a gift to Cheryl's son. 

skateboard for cheryl's son in the movie secret life of walter mitty

He then travels to Afghanistan into the Himalayas where he finds Sean. Sean was with a camera looking for a Snow Leopard. Sean asks mitty to stay very very calm as he thinks there is a snow leopard in the ridge. Walter asks Sean where is number 25 and Sean tells it was in the wallet he sent him. Walter lost the number 25th as he chucked the wallet given by Sean.

Sean's Character in the movie is shown as a very distinct and very old school type. Sean doesn't own a phone and mostly travels for seeing the beauty of nature through his camera. Sean tells Walter that they call Snow Leopard a ghost cat coz they never let themselves be seen. Finally, Sean sees a snow leopard in the camera and tells Walter to see it too. Walter asks Sean if he is gonna take the picture of the cat and Sean says ''Sometimes I don't. If I like the moment, I like to stay in it''

sean and walter mitty in the himalayas of afghanistan

Walter Returns back to America again. In the Los Angelos airport, he is stopped by police officers as he went to Afghanistan illegally. He is asked if he knows anybody in Los Angelos. He says no. Then he remembers Todd Mahar from eharmony who had become a friend of Walter after so many phone calls they had while Walter was traveling.

todd mahar eharmony with walter mitty in los angelos

For some money, Walter has to sell the piano of his mom given to her by his father in the year they got married. Where he finds out about the wallet that he chucked. His mom had kept it safe as she saw Walter throwing it in the dustbin. Walter then takes out 25 goes to life magazine and gives them the photo. After all those trips he made for the 25th photo, he didn't even look at what number 25th was like.
In the end, Cheryl and Walter walk on the street and they see a street magazine seller where they look for the new Life magazine which had 25th photo. Then Walter and Cheryl find the 25th to be nothing but the photo of Walter himself.

final cover issue for the life magazine in the movie secret life of walter mitty

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