Harald Baldr, Bald and Bankrupt and Kumar

YouTuber Harald Baldr

Harald Baldr is a Norwegian YouTuber who visits different countries and mainly makes travel vlogs on his investigations on New places, New food, Local people, and their lifestyles. Harald made his youtube channel on March 19, 2015. Harald describes himself as a Northman with a penchant for history, politics, and travel who seek to spread individual freedom worldwide. Harald Baldr age is around 40 to 45 as he said in one of his vlogs. Harald has 1.6 Million subscribers as of Tuesday, October 27, 2020. haraldbaldr@gmail.com is his email address for business inquiries. Harald Has travelled to India, Italy, Nepal, Greece, Holland, Peru, Bolivia, Mexico, Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines, and Sri Lanka.

When he travels to new places, he is asked where he is from and He usually answers them that he is from Norway which is in Germany as people do not understand when he only says Norway. So he says he is from Norway which is in Germany and that is hilarious as he laughs to himself after that.

Harald usually Travels with his friend Benjamin Rich from the United Kingdom who goes by the name Bald and Bankrupt in his youtube channel. Bald & Bankrupt has 2.29 Million Subscribers as of Tuesday, 27 October 2020.

harald and bald and bankrupt
Harald and Mr.Bald

The real name of Harald balder is Fredrika JørstadBoth Harald and Bald & Bankrupt never reveal their name but only use their made-up names. They say Tom Cruise, Nicolas Cage, or Brad Pitt also use made-up names. So they use a fancy made-up name for their channel. Bald and Bankrupt began his YouTube channel in June 2018, documenting the Indian subcontinent and the post-Soviet states. Both of them have the same style of vlogging but Harald is slightly friendly to people and has unique ways of reacting to things. 

The Personality of Harald:

Harald is really a cool guy. He loves to donate stuff to people. He makes giveaways of the things he buys while he travels. He likes to meet new people and make new friends. Unlike other YouTubers, he eats street food, talks to street unknown guys. So he is kind of a YouTuber who is very down to earth. He uses this phrase “Harald Investigates” when he likes to try out something. He uses this phrase “ Harald approves” if approves something and wants others to try when they visit the same place. Apart from eating, he tries haircuts though he has short hair and he bargains more than the locals while he's buying souvenirs at local street shops. He is always laughing and keeping his videos interesting for his viewers as always.

What Camera do YouTuber Harald baldr uses?

camera harald baldr uses dji pocket and sony FDR X3000
DJI POCKET 2 and Sony FDR X3000

Since a DSLR is really heavy to carry while Vlogging and they don’t have optical image stabilization and you need a gimbal, Sony FDR X3000 or Dji pocket/ Dji pocket 2 is the best choice for Vloggers. Sony FDR X3000 is really light and has 4k ultra HD shooting, Reduced shake with Balanced Optical SteadyShot, Water/ Dustproof, and wide-angle and cost less than 500$. While DJI smallest 3-axis stabilized handheld Osmo pocket and DJI pocket 2 has 60FPS,4K, Mechanical Stabilization, Lightest,  140Minute battery life, active track, motion lapse, and night shot. The price starts at 369$.

Not only Harald but his friend Bald and Bankrupt also use this camera for his vlogs.

How is he different from other travel vloggers like NasDaily?

harald baldr in nepal
Harald and Nas Daily
The pattern of making videos by Nas Daily is more of storytelling. He doesn't roam around the city but talks on a specific topic. He uses big subtitles so that people could read what he says. Nas Daily used to make 1minute videos for his vlogs and he continued it for  1000 days. Nas uses simple words and fewer sentences. Nas Post videos on Facebook from this own page.

Harald just lands wherever he wants. He takes cabs and travels around the city. He eats local street food and makes local friends. He buys at local shops and bargains the hell out of sellers. He tries anything that he has heard of the place. He tries both cheap and expensive hotels. His videos are lengthy, unedited and he vlogs about just anything he meets on the street. He posts his videos on youtube from his own channel and on Facebook, he posts his videos from his friend's page called Simon which I found very weird.

How does Harald manage to travel to so many countries?

In one of his vlogs, he told that he used to live like a very poor man when he was studying in Australia long ago. He told in his vlog that he gets millions of views from his travel videos from which google pays him so much that he gets to travel and make giveaways.

Harald and Kumar

Not Harald & Kumar, the name of a series of American stoner comedy films starring John Cho and Kal Penn. Kumar is a friend of Harald who is an ex-police turned taxi driver from Nepal. Kumar helped Harald when Harald came to Nepal. Fun fact about their friendship is neither of them understands what they are talking about but they keep conversating with each other. 

harald and kumar from nepal
Harald and Kumar

Harald tried cheaper hotels in Kathmandu which he didn’t like said Harald himself in his vlog. So Harald wanted to stay at an expensive hotel in Nepal and wanted to experience it too. Harald calls a taxi driver to take him to Dhulikhel city near Kathmandu. Harald and Kumar get to know each other. Kumar leaves Harald at the hotel and returns back to Kathmandu. Harald enjoys the stay at Dhulikhel hotel which he said “Harald approves” the stay at the expensive hotel. The waiter lady at the hotel was also amazing who taught Harald how to eat Nepali food. The next day Harald called Kumar to take him back to Kathmandu. In the 1-hour cab ride, Harald likes Kumar. They talk about various things. Kumar’s English is not that good but he thinks he understands what foreigners say to him while Harald struggles to understand what Kumar is saying. 

The vlog is full of comments where people are talking about Kumar's Broken English with the use of the word “Then” so many times. While they were talking, Kumar was like “sir then you come and go then sir Nepal nice sir” and Harald was like, Kumar stop you are so funny. Harald thinks Kumar played football with Christiano Ronaldo and Messi is his friend. The conversation is really weird and funny. The viewers like the vlog seeing the honesty and punctuality of Kumar. Both had really good chemistry with each other. After getting to know each other during the stay of Harald in Kathmandu, Harald buys Kumar a jacket in Bhrikuti Mandap in Kathmandu, which Kumar wears all the time. Harald likes Kumar, so he even gifted him money to help Kumar. Harald bought food for Kumar and they made a trip to Chandragiri; a tourist destination near Kathmandu. Whenever Harald called Kumar, he was at Harald's place in 10 minutes which he promised Harald that he would be there in 10 minutes always. Kumar took Harald to his rented apartment to meet his family. This is a true story of a YouTuber Harald who became a friend with a guy Kumar in Nepal.


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