How to use Lightroom Presets in Android, Tips and Tricks, Peter Mckinnon's way

lightroom for android tips and tricks

Peter Mckinnon Lightroom Presets For Free

Lightroom is a picture manipulation software by adobe family. It is available for Windows, Android, macOS, iOS, and tvOS. It can import/save, view, organize, tag, edit, and can share large numbers of digital images. Many Photographers use the software to make their images look natural and vivid. Pictures taken by Cameras are not enough to show the colors and details. Therefore, the Lightroom is so popular among many camera persons.

Lightroom Classic is a desktop-based software while Lightroom CC is cloud-based and has a mobile version of the app for android and iOS. Apart from manipulating photos with the sliders, we can change the whole colors of the photos with the help of presets. Presets are the ready-made settings for photo manipulation. We can have our own presets or we can just download the presets of some exceptional photographers.

To add presets to your photos in one touch, you need to download and import them to lightroom. Desktop version of lightroom presets is not supported by a mobile version of the app. Let's learn how to use lightroom presets of a famous photographer, Peter Mckinnon, and import them directly to presets tab in mobile with no help of desktop.

  • Go to Google Playstore and download the Adobe Lightroom app.

download lightroom for android

download lightroom app in google playstore

  • Now go to google chrome and search for Peter McKinnon Lightroom presets.
peter mckinnon presets for lightroom mobile

lightroom presets for mobile online

download lightroom for mobile
  • The file size is tiny, find it in downloads of your file manager. Unzip it.
peter mckinnon presets for lightroom android
download lightroom presets for mobile
  • The file extension is XMP. If it is not, the Lightroom app won't support it. Now, Open the Lightroom app.
light room cc mobile
import photos in lightroom mobile

  • This is what it looks like the inside of the app. Now click on all photos to import photos from your gallery into Lightroom.
how to import photos to lightroom mobile app
  • Below is what it looks like after you import your photo. You have an option to change sliders for exposure, light, shadows, etc. Look at your photos and change slider,s and save what you think looks best.
editing photos in lightroom mobile

  • If you want to save your setting of the photo you just manipulated, you can save it as presets or you have an option to apply presets of famous photographers.

apply and import lightroom presets for phone
lightroom user presets
import and make presets for lightroom 
create own lightroom presets
  • To import presets, click import and it bring all presets from your file manager into the lightroom.

lightroom mobile presets

peter mckinnon presets for lightroom for free

  • Presets will be saved in the Presets tab. You can use them for any of your photos.

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