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About Rukum Nepal

rukum nepal
Khalanga Rukum Nepal

Rukum, Khalanga Nepal

This photo is of a place in Nepal Called Rukum. Rukum is one of the remote places in Nepal. This photo is of the headquarters of the Remote district i.e. Rukum. This is what the headquarter of Rukum i.e. "The Khalanga Bazar" Looks like when it snows in the hills in the surroundings.

I took this photo back in 2015 when I used to work at an eye care center in Khalanga. The Fog in the background and the tall colorful houses took my attention. This is one of the best photos I ever took. 

They have divided Rukum District into Rukum east and Rukum west after the federal constitution Rule (संघीयता). The headquarter of Rukum East is Rukumkot while the headquarter of the Rukum west remains the Khalanga.

The Rukumkot,  Rukum East 

rukumkot village rukum east
Rukumkot, Rukum East Nepal
The Picture above is of Rukumkot, which is the headquarters of Rukum East. There are very few houses in the area and the population is lower than that of Khalanga of Rukum west. The Rukumkot is famous for a small lake called "Kamal Taal" in the local language. The word Kamal means the flower Lotus and Kamal Taal is full of it. That is how the lake got its name from.

kamal daha rukumkot
Picture: Kamal Taal 

Rukum Weather:

The weather in Rukum is Cold and windy. It mostly snows in the winter and it really gets cold. What amazed me about this place is that it gets foggy and windy in summer when it rains. I never saw fog in the winter. The tap water is icy in Rukum is popular for its taste(Though water is tasteless). 
But the weather in western Rukum in Chaujhari area could get hot while it extremely snows in Rukumkot areas.

rukum weather
Weather of Rukum khalanga

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