8 Facts about Arthur Gunn from american idol

Facts about Arthur Gunn from American idol:

arthur gunn family

    • Arthur Gunn was born in Nepal, Kathmandu. He moved to the united states in the same year when the devastating earthquake-hit Nepal. He joined his sisters who were already studying there. Mom and dad later joined them. Now, He and his whole family live in Wichita Kansas, United States.
    • He was a true music lover. His Genre is Singing and songwriting. His Guitar skills are amazing. He has his own official youtube channel. He has written some great Nepali songs and sang them by himself. "Pralaya" is one of the songs from his channel that has a different fan base. Even Non-Nepali speakers love his Nepali song album Grahan. Few comments on his channel said that he is a very underrated singer. But, He is no longer underrated.
    • He is a traveling musician. He travels to places to sing. He has been singing in various places before he became famous. His family is very proud of him.
    • His real name is Dibesh Pokharel. He said to judges that Dibesh means "light".
    • His family is not musical at all. But he became a musician as he was exposed to it at an early age.
    • He said, “I loved growing up in Nepal,” he said. “Music has always been my thing when I was a kid. I got my first guitar from my mom and then I started singing along to any song I could hear on the radio, TV. That’s when the dream started.”
    • He moved to America after he finished high school in Nepal. He is just 22years young, unmarried, and has no girlfriend. He also believes that America is a land of great opportunities.
    • He ended up being a runner up but that is a big thing for him and his family. Many Nepalese are proud of him. It is the first time that any Nepalese did so much great in world platforms like American Idol. 
    • Luke Bryan asked to call any friends of Arthur from Kathmandu for the next season of Idol.

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