American Idol FAQ

Frequently asked question about American idol 2020

  • What is Arthur Gunn real name?
     - It's Dibesh Pokharel.

  • Where is Arthur on American Idol from?

      - He was born and raised in Nepal but now he is in the united states with his family.
  • Is anybody else from Arthur Gunn` family a singer?
      -No one in his family is a singer. He was only exposed to singing at an early age.
  • Where is Arthur Gunn now?
     - Born in Nepal but he and his family moved to Kansas, united states.
  • Is Arthur Gunn married?
     - No, He's Not! He doesn't have a girlfriend either.
  • Does Arthur Gunn win American Idol?
      - No, Just Sam is crowned the America idol 2020.

  • Why did Nick Merico leave American Idol?
       - He had some family medical emergency so he had to leave the show.

  • Who did Arthur Gunn duet with?
        -The show was never aired by ABC. Maybe he didn`t do a duet!

  • Who won American Idol?
        - Jus Sam won the competition of 2020.
  • How much do the American Idol contestants get paid?

        - Contestants receive "$1,571 plus meals for two-hour Idol shows.

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