I pulled a living bug out of his eyes.

Bug in the eye

In 2017, a patient came to the eye center I used to work in the Rukum district of Nepal. The man told me that his eyes bleed.
There are many eye problems where a patient complains of blood coming out of the eyes. When people have a serious case of pink eye (Conjunctivitis), they often complain of bleeding. The bleeding in conjunctivitis occurs as the inner parts of the eyelids develop a pseudomembrane. The membrane when erodes, the layer of the eyelid bleeds. The other few cases are when somebody has a history of eye injury.

After I took the complete history, I had no clue why his eyes bleed. I saw no blood in his eyes while I was examining his eyes with Slit-Lamp (Machine used by eye professionals to see the eye through magnification). Suddenly I saw a horrific scene and was pretty shocked to see it. I saw a black thing moving in the margin of his upper eyelid. I didn't understand that he had a living parasite in his eyes. I did not tell him he had a parasite in his eye. I rather told him he had a piece of wood in the upper lid. It made me easier or else he could have responded very differently if I would have told him about the parasite. I removed the living parasite from his upper lid.

Later, I showed him the parasite and said it was a parasite that was causing his eyes to bleed. As he told me he didn't know that there was something inside of his eye for over 5 days. It was something that I never saw. Here is the video of me removing the eye parasite from his eye.

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